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In the last years I have been involved in the creation of some projects that you might know.

  • corenix

    A Nix expression to configure and build coreboot using NixOS-style modules
  • Rusty LG

    A fast looking-glass, deployed at
  • AS207921

    The experimental autonomous network AS207921
  • FrickelNOG

    A loose association of amateur (Internet) network operators
  • HopGlass

    A tool widely used by wireless mesh networking projects across Germany
  • rs-index

    An index-generator service
  • x330backlight

    A C++ program to change the backlight brightness of some ThinkPad X230 Full HD mods

And there are some other FOSS projects I have worked on.

  • NixOS

    A fully-functional Linux distribution
  • qaul

    A software for internet-independent wireless mesh communication

Many of my projects are hosted over at If something you are looking for isn't on GitHub, I have probably moved it there.