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Rust Looking Glass

built with nix

How to run

  • Install bird-lg proxy or bird-lg-go proxy on your router
  • Adjust config.yaml
  • Build the frontend: (cd frontend && yarn && node_modules/.bin/gulp --production)
  • Start the backend: RESOURCE_DIR=frontend cargo run --release

For Nix users, you can use this command to start rusty-lg:

RESOURCE_DIR=$(nix-build nix -A rusty-lg-frontend) $(nix-build nix -A rusty-lg-backend)/bin/rusty-lg


  • Parse bird2 command line output
  • Create graph structure from route objects
  • Merge graph structures obtained from multiple nodes
  • Differentiate and display IGP and BGP routes
  • Modular design: Optionally run proxy on different host


  • Web frontend being usable without JavaScript

Why use a known-good software if you can reimplement it from scratch in Rust?

Because that'd be no fun