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Creating an OpenCore boot drive with Nix


$ nix build -f pkgs boot

Updating components

For example, to update the AppleALC Kext to a new version, run:

$ niv update AppleALC --rev 1.5.4

Many components (namely Kexts) only support releases at this point, because they download precompiled binaries that are only available for releases.


Right now, this is hardcoded to the specs of a ThinkCentre M720q Tiny with an Intel Core i5 8500T (Comet Lake) CPU. It should be possible to convert this into a fully generic abstraction layer that only requires you to enter some details about the hardware and adjusts the output according to that.

Future Plans

  • Modular (NixOS modules) build
  • Build SSDTs from source
  • Build Kexts from source when running on Mac OS