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Milan de52bf8ed0
pleroma: block some nazis
5 days ago
common add nixfmt and openssl to PATH on all hosts 5 days ago
desktop need xwayland for now :( 5 days ago
hosts mozarella: disable ipv6 privacy extensions 5 days ago
lib fix kexec_tarball evaluation 2 weeks ago
modules secrets: fix some issues (see description) 5 days ago
nix update nixpkgs 1 week ago
pkgs add emacs 1 week ago
secrets add encrypted secrets to git 2 weeks ago
services pleroma: block some nazis 5 days ago
users forward ssh and gpg agents only on desktop hosts 5 days ago
.gitignore initial configuration 1 year ago
.gitmodules update dns 1 year ago codimd -> hedgedoc, migrated state 2 months ago add 2 weeks ago update nix master commit for 2 weeks ago
default.nix add back pkgs shortcut, fix wireguard 3 months ago

Directory Structure

├── common        # NixOS configuration files included on all hosts
├── desktop       # Configuration for desktop hosts
├── services      # Services that run on one or more hosts
│  ├── jitsi
│  ├── hedgedoc
│  ├── dns
│  └── ...
├── hosts         # Host configurations
├── lib           # useful Nix expressions and shell scripts
│  └── hosts.nix  # The main entrypoint for building NixOS systems
├── users         # configuration for people's user accounts on my systems
├── modules       # NixOS modules not specific to my setup
└── pkgs          # Overlay and packaging of applications not available in nixpkgs