My fork of the ISC DHCP server
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Thomas Markwalder 0cd94b5ef4 [#64,!35] Restored work 1 year ago
ldap [master] Fix some cut and paste type errors in LDAP code 5 years ago
ms2isc New files added in merge from V3-RELEASE-BRANCH to HEAD as of V3-0-3-BETA-1. 16 years ago
3.0b1-lease-convert Convert 3.0b1 lease to current. 20 years ago Added contrib/ script for processing tzname (option 101) 14 years ago [#64,!35] Restored work 1 year ago
dhcp.spec MASSIVE merge from V3-RELEASE-BRANCH into HEAD. HEAD and V3-RELEASE are 16 years ago Set hostname from value sent by DHCP server 22 years ago
solaris.init Solaris /etc/rc.d script for dhcp server. 22 years ago