59 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Milan 23fd46de82 update nixpkgs, use upstream coreboot-toolchain package 3 weeks ago
Milan bebbc1909b
fix update script 5 months ago
Milan c74e846ef1
update nixpkgs 5 months ago
Milan 80a43117cc
coreboot 4.14 (some payloads are broken) 5 months ago
Milan aeac2f8adc
coreboot: 4.12 -> 4.13 10 months ago
Milan aab6439c05
add coreboot update script 10 months ago
Milan d19854992f
remove flake 10 months ago
Milan be70414386
coreboot-payload-tianocore: remove CSM build flag 10 months ago
Milan 471014819e
Revert "coreboot-payload-tianocore: use nixpkgs edk2" 10 months ago
Milan e3ac34626e
coreboot: don't set NIX_HARDENING_ENABLE 10 months ago
Milan ef734a5a5c
tint: 0.04+nmu1 -> 0.05 10 months ago
Milan 624b4c2d5d
grub2: add signKey option 10 months ago
Milan 4dde3d592c
coreboot-payload-tianocore: use nixpkgs edk2 10 months ago
Milan dfe321af9d
milan-x230-fhd: add comment on CBFS_SIZE 10 months ago
Milan d8d25a60f8
update nixpkgs 10 months ago
Milan 53a9f091f8 grub2: keep default modules for extraPayloadModules 12 months ago
Milan eb9e6f32d6 increase cbfs size on x230-fhd 12 months ago
Milan 237b7bfd76 grub2: add extraPayloadModules option 12 months ago
Milan 2a01eb6a8a grub2: add package option 12 months ago
Milan b115233e99 update nixpkgs 12 months ago
Milan 4c4cffdb3c grub2: fix some issues with usb scan 12 months ago
Milan d5fe9ec759 run nixfmt on everything 12 months ago
Milan 783026ab2d milan: fix imports 12 months ago
Milan 3aba5f813f grub2: fix bug where superusers are always set 12 months ago
Milan 1e52270b76 update nixpkgs 1 year ago
Milan 05c905e632 add config for my x230 fhd mod 1 year ago
Milan a21a48e18b grub2: generate grub.cfg from module config 1 year ago
Milan b68a2b47de share some config for my devices 1 year ago
Milan 0573f11e4a add patch for x230 fhd variant 1 year ago
Milan 6baa38c9c7 corenix: make coreboot package configurable 1 year ago
Milan 19c7ddf652 readme: seabios is supported now 1 year ago
Milan 1007c84909 add license 1 year ago
Milan 1c50c5a76e improve readme 1 year ago
Milan 2e298c40b8 update nixpkgs, remove seabios version override 1 year ago
Milan d3bf7fa897 configs/milan-x1c: increase cbfs size 1 year ago
Milan cdf3c75541 corenix: allow setting extraFiles.*.src to null 1 year ago
Milan bd04e09fc6 allow tianocore as secondary payload 1 year ago
Milan 949fa85bb8 allow grub2 as secondary payload 1 year ago
Milan 53b6b4673d add seabios 1 year ago
Milan b00e192187 add shortcut for use with flake-compat 1 year ago
Milan d382e0adc0 add flake-compat 1 year ago
Milan 33b4255bb4 add default value for coreinfoConfig 1 year ago
Milan 1dfba26180 add modules for new secondary payloads 1 year ago
Milan 8c5f8519ba add tint, nvramcui, coreinfo 1 year ago
Milan cff03704dd pass makeDevice to outputs 1 year ago
Milan 32f723499e improve readme 1 year ago
Milan 7b37ff3cdf . 1 year ago
Milan 51c5aa1dc5 . 1 year ago
Milan d5293e1efb . 1 year ago
Milan 59320a0d89 . 1 year ago